Website Management

After your website is designed we can MAINTAIN and MANAGE your site.  Whether it's software updates, a change in style, or just keeping your content current and fresh, we offer full management services. 

web design



Designing your website is just the beginning!  Unlike most companies that will design your website and then leave you to fend for yourself, we continue to work with you to assure you have the tools to make your website a benefit to your business or organization. 


Training:  We give our clients the ability to update their website themselves by offering front-end and back-end training.  If your organization or business has the right person and prefers to make content updates themselves, we will give you the tools and show you how easy it is.  building site



Management:  We offer full maintenance and management of your website on a regular basis, without the normally exorbitant cost of doing so.  This helps your website to evolve into what they are meant to be, an affordable way of doing business.  Whether it's keeping up with price and product changes, updating your photo gallery, or changing your home page content to keep your site fresh, we make updates a priority.